Oda Reveals One Member of The Strawhats Crew Will Die In One Piece

Hey guys. The Straw Hats are the main protagonists of the world renowned anime, One Piece. Each member of the Straw Hats has an individual goal, which is why they teamed up with Luffy. However, if you all might remember, Oda said in an interview that a Straw Hat is going to die in the series. Now this may come as a big shock to the Straw Hat fans but this is the truth.

So, is this really going to happen? Will one of the Straw Hats really die?

Today I am going to analyse who is the most likely to die in the series. This theory is based on my own views. Without any further ado, let’s begin.

Strongest supernova one piece

First member of the Straw Hats is Roronoa Zoro. As we know wants the become the greatest swordsman in the world. Second member of the crew is Usopp, he’s the sniper of the crew, he joined after Syrup Village. He wans to become a brave warrior of the sea. Third is Sanji, who is the cook of the SHs. Sanji joined after the Baratie arc. He dreams of going to the All Blue. Then there’s Nami, who is the navigator. She officially joined the crew after Arlong Park. Nami wants to draw a map of the entire world.

Chopper recruited after Drum Island. He is the doctor of the Straw Hat pirates. He wants to be able to cure every disease. Nico Robin joined after Crocodile was taken down by Luffy. She is arguably the most important member of the crew because of her ability to read poneglyphs. She wants to learn about the Void century.

Franky is the shipwright, who joined after Water 7. He wants to take care of Sunny until it reaches the final island. And finally we have Brook who is the musician of the crew. Brook wants to meet up with Laboon in order to keep their promise.

Oda has already said that one of the Straw hats is gonna die. So, logically speaking the only two characters that aren’t necessarily required by the crew are Usopp and Zoro. Don’t get triggered just yet fan boys. Considering that Usopp is the main marksman of the crew, it just sends Zoro to the lowest rank. The roles of the other characters is irreparable, while as the crew can do fine without Zoro.

So, it’s fair to assume that Zoro is the most likely to die among the Straw Hats.
That’s it from me. I hope your enjoyed it. Please leave your opinions in the comments section.

The Terrifying Powers Yonko Big Mom – Explained

We’re deep into the Whole Cake Island saga, and with each passing chapter, it gets difficult to even contemplate how powerful Big Mom is. First of all she has one of the most OP devil fruits in the One Piece series. Big Mom is a wielder of the Paramecia type of Devil Fruit called Soru Soru no Mi. This Devil Fruit allows her to freely manipulate souls as she wishes. She can also give them to inanimate objects. Further, Big Mom can also extract the life span of anyone who fears her.

But, that’s just one known technique of this Devil Fruit.

I’m sure it has hundreds of other techniques as well. Big Mom is also seemingly able to absorb power on physical contact, though this hasn’t yet been confirmed in the anime or in the manga. Without a doubt, Linlin deserves her place as one of the strongest Yonko that we’ve seen. And right now, she’s the strongest Yonko in my opinion.

one piece 1 billion berry bounty

Big Mom was born different. She got so huge, that at the age of 5, it seemed like she was a giant child. But she wasn’t. Her parents abandoned her. Big Mom was happy to see people of her size, and that’s why she is dead set on gigantification.

But what’s most surprising is Big Mom was extremely powerful even at the age of 5. She had an invisible armor around her. She cannot be damaged. Even the mightiest of Elbaf warriors couldn’t scratch her.

In fact, she destroyed an Elbaf village that had so many powerful warriors at just the age of 5! This is mindblowing. Aside from all that, Big Mom was originally to be sold to the marines. She was described as someone who could even become Fleet Admiral one day.

Yet, today, she’s even stronger than that. At the mere age of 6, she had a bounty of 500 million Berris on her head. She was already declared to be stronger than the CP-0, and this was way back when she was 6.

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