LEEKPOST: All Yonko And Their Bounties — Explained

The Yonko are the four most powerful Pirates in the world of One Piece. Together, they rule over sections of the New World, and even the Marines can’t touch them. Such is their power! You can say that they’re the mightiest in the One Piece world. They hold information about everything that has happened, or is happening. Though that may not be true all the times. Nevertheless, the Yonko are something to be feared, and they’re slowly becoming more relevant to the story of One Piece. Today, I’ve decided to guess the bounty of the current Yonko. Note that this isn’t their official bounty. It’s just what I think it’ll be. So let’s begin.

4. Blackbeard

So I’m beginning with Blackbeard. He is the latest addition to the Yonko. Teach became a Yonko after the Paramount War, and his powers are tremendous indeed. He is the first person to gain two Devil Fruits, and he has even defeated Marco in battle. His fighting prowess can be matched by very few people. However, he is still new to the Yonko status. His bounty will gradually increase. But right now, it won’t be as high as the rest. I’m guessing a figure of 2.5 Billion Berries for Blackbeard.

3. Big Mom

Big Mom is the Queen of Totland, and she is one of the oldest Yonko in the series. She is also one of the most powerful characters, and at the mere age of 5-8 she defeated the CP 0 itself. Even when she didn’t have the Soru Soru no Mi, she was said to have strength that could make her Fleet Admiral in the Marines as a kid. With Soru Soru no Mi, she is likely a lot more powerful anyone we’ve seen after the Timeskip. I think her bounty will be 3.3 Billion Berries.

2. Kaido

Kaido will have the second highest bounty in One Piece, in my opinion. He is a monster, and right now, he is the World’s Strongest Creature. Kaido is the Captain of the Beasts Pirates, and he has taken over Wano Country right now. He is the most reckless pirate that we know of right now, and that will certainly earn him a very high bounty. But, aside from that, the World Government don’t really have any reason to put a higher bounty on him. He can’t even die, so I don’t see the point. In my opinion, his bounty would be 3.45 Billion Berris

1. Shanks

Moving on to number 1, I think Shanks will have the highest bounty in the World of One Piece. Shanks is the Captain of the Red Hair Pirates, and a former member of the Roger Pirates as well. He is a Legendary figure indeed. Shanks is the right amount of reckless, and he isn’t too quiet either. He was a very powerful rookie when a kid, and most importantly, he has been to Raftel. Shanks is the biggest threat to the World Government right now, and they fear him because he knows everything. His bounty is going to be 3.7 Billion Berries.

8 One Piece Characters That Are Going To Die In Future

One Piece is a series with not too many deaths in it. However, as the series is gradually progressing towards its end, were definitely going to see people die. These characters are indeed important to the story, and we know Oda only kills the important ones. So, today I’ve made a list of 8 One Piece characters who I think might die in the future.

8. Shanks

Shanks is a Yonko in the world of One Piece, and he is also one of the most important person to Luffy. I think many agree that Shanks might die in the future. Once Luffy finds the One Piece, Shanks would serve no purpose to the story. Many others believe that it will be Blackbeard who will kill him, and im inclined to believing so as well.

7. Dragon

Monkey D Dragon is Luffy’s father, and the leader of the Revolutionary Army. He’s a father figure to Sabo as well. Whitebeard was a father figure to Ace, and he died. I think Shanks will die as well, and that only leaves Dragon. I think in the future, Dragon might die, and Sabo will take over the Revolutionary Army.

6. Blackbeard

Blackbeard is probably the final Villain in One Piece. But, he’s so evil that he has or to die. He cannot be jailed, or spared. I’m sure that by the end of the series, Blackbeard will have died, and there is just no other way around it.

5. Kaido

Kaido is one of the Yonko as well. He wants to die, and it has become his hobby. It would be a surprise if he doesn’t die in Wano. I think he wants to follow Whitebeard, and die. At Wano, I can bet that he’ll die in the greatest war in One Piece.

4. Jinbe

Jinbe is a member of the Strawhat Pirates, and I think he might just be the only one who’ll die. He’s a powerful person, that’s for sure. But, there have been death bells on him ever since Marineford. Even at Whole Cake Island, many thought he’d die. In the future, he might actually die.

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